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Evelyn Jonkman

Senior Consultant

Evelyn Jonkman has made a career in helping people across the board to see outside of their differences and create greater alignment on common goals. Her path has taken her through multiple degrees including a science degree from Melbourne University, multiple continents including living and working in Pakistan and Holland, and multiple industries including Shell and PricewaterhouseCoopers. All of these experiences culminate to contribute to Evelyn’s unique superpower of seeing people beyond their role or title and helping them tap into what makes them who they are, so they can make the greatest possible contribution.

She firmly believes that we all have a unique contribution to make and that there is tremendous value in helping to figure out what that contribution is. In a world facing squarely into the tidal wave of artificial intelligence, the biggest opportunity in leadership at the moment is unlocking the human potential and pushing ourselves to think beyond the rational and into possibility.

Evelyn loves her work, at least in part because it is an ever-changing landscape requiring her to continue to learn and adapt. Her work with clients such as VicRoads, Motorola, Unilever, and the government-based health agencies challenges her every day to see the threads that connect industries instead of the barriers that separate them.

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