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Magda Newman

Experience Designer & International Immersions Lead

Magda’s background in intersectoral communication drives her to think laterally about how communication between sectors connects people to uncover greater value. As a project manager at Deakin University, Magda created experiences bridging sectors such as engineering and arts to explore where there was commonality and how that could be used to problem-solve. She carries that perspective into her work with Conversant, giving her a vantage point from which to add value to clients across diverse sectors, and organizations such as NAB, Australia Post, ANZ, AFL, Australian Unity, CSIRO, and International Cricket Council. Magda encourages clients to de-silo internally, and where possible to seek solutions through conversations and collaborations across sectors; pushing organizations to look outside themselves for solutions and learn from what others have learned.

At Conversant, Magda utilizes her Degree in Visual Communication, her training in Experience Design, her focus on collaborative education, her Post Graduate event and business management studies, and extensive industry experience to craft experiences for our clients rife with moments of beauty as well as surprising results. At the heart of everything she does is the question “What experiences, conversations, connections or viewpoints would best help our clients at this moment?”

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