Thank you

We believe deeply in the power of community to transform - a person, an organization, the world. For us, community extends to those we have had the opportunity to work beside whether that's recently or in the past. We are grateful to count you among our community.

With deep gratitude and appreciation,


(on behalf of the Conversant team)


Enjoy an episode of our new podcast, On Connection, where we talk about Community, why it matters, and how to build it. Thank you for being a part of ours! Our work is constantly inspired by all of you and the challenges you've invited us to be a part of. 

Learn more about On Connection and follow the podcast wherever you choose to listen to get notified about new episodes. 

Desktop Wallpapers

Download a wallpaper for your desktop to spark joy and help keep gratitude and appreciation present in your day-to-day work lives. Thank you to Dana Buckingham for her original artwork featured in this year's card and the wallpapers below. 

You can find more of Dana's art on her website or by following her on Instagram

Looking Forward

We are excited to get our leadership development immersion, Credibility, Influence, & Impact, back up and running in the spring of 2022. We hold this program near and dear to our hearts, and look forward to the opportunity to grow and learn from some of you in that space again. We have made some changes to the program's design and announced dates for the three in-person conferences - you can get that information and learn more through our new brochure.

If you're interested in enrollment or have someone in mind you think would be a great addition to the 2022 cohort, let us know and we'll set up a time to talk further.

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