Kevin Leaven

Project Manager

Kevin Leaven believes that imagination is a superpower. The power to inspire, motivate and catalyze profound change. In his view, communication systems change the world by enabling diverse people to connect. Throughout life communication systems are vital for building trust and fostering community. Consequently, Kevin is an advocate for leveraging storytelling as the chief means for human connection.

With a background in public relations and strategic communication, Kevin is passionate about connecting people on a deeper level. A life-long student at heart, he is constantly studying new subjects and exploring the depth and breadth of human experience.

In the world of human-centered design, Kevin Leaven facilitates with deep conviction in the power of human connection for facilitating meaningful change. Kevin earned his M.A. in Strategic Communications from James Madison University and a B.A. in Public Relations from James Madison University. In his personal time, Kevin enjoys writing, creating digital illustrations, facilitating trust-building experiences, and traveling with his partner Grace.



Industry Experience

  • Environment & Energy
  • Education
  • Nonprofit & Government
  • Retail & Hospitality


  • Assessment & Psychometric Testing
  • Complex Systems
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Human Centered Design
  • Strategy
  • Project Management