Dana Buckingham

Project Manager

Dana believes that the stories we tell, both about ourselves and the spaces we inhabit, vitally shape our experience and impact. In a time when differences can seem like divisive liabilities, she is eager to rewrite the narrative and restore the collaborative genius generated by diverse perspectives working in tandem.

A former teacher, Dana has witnessed the transformational power of experiential learning.

In her current orchestration role, she delights in navigating logistics and creating the necessary organizational structures and resources to facilitate these types of experiences for others. With a diverse background in education, marketing, design and fine art she is an agile communicator with an unabashed bias toward elegant, efficient solutions.

Curious by nature, Dana loves encountering new ideas via podcasts, exploring the wilds with her husband and metabolizing what she finds through a variety of visual art mediums (yes, that’s probably paint under her fingernails).



Industry Experience

  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Retail & Hospitality


  • Blended Learning & Digital Innovation
  • Customer Experience
  • Human Centered Design
  • Fine Arts & Design