Crisis Response

Swift, effective action to protect the health of people and organizations

We found calm leaders convening people to identify and respond to dangers. Sharing the challenges and inviting contributions is creating a strong sense of responsibility and community.

What's working well?

Creating Calm

Leaders being visible, calm, & confident as we confront the crisis.

Protecting our lives

Coming together to protect the health & safety of families, colleagues, customers, communities.

"This is a unifying event. People are willing to set aside their own agendas and say 'whatever's best, let's get on with it.'"

Maintaining our identity

Staying true to purpose & values as we make difficult changes.

Changing how we work

Convening the right groups to redesign how work gets done.

"I tell my team and our leadership team that we need to spend our time and energy focused on things that we can control. All energy spent on things outside of your control is partly wasted – with an emotional toll."


Protecting our livelihoods

Anticipating financial risks. Taking action to reduce expenses and keep ourselves strong.

Being fair

Those with the biggest advantages (salary, position) make the biggest sacrifices.

Trusted advisors

Connecting to those I trust and deleting all those other unsolicited messages.
"Our people and our communities are looking for leadership and confidence right now. It has been both challenging and exhilarating to move to a more agile and dynamic approach to leadership during this time."

Responding leaders would welcome ideas on the following:

How to shift in-person work to truly useful virtual experiences

Creative ways, not just furloughs and layoffs, to reduce costs


If you have insights, challenges or ideas you would like to bring to this community, we would love to hear from you.

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