Strategic Response

Adjusting plans & moving forward in the face of uncertainty & unpredictability

As leaders are stabilizing crisis response, attention is turning toward the future. The dynamic and uncertain conditions are requiring fresh approaches to strategic planning.

What's working well?

Starting with what we DO know

about us, our strategy and the world. What customers and revenue sources are still reliable? For how long?

Confronting what we DON'T know

about our organization and disruption in the world around us. What customers and revenue sources are no longer reliable? For how long?

"I need to make sure some people focus on the short term, but others have some capacity for strategic outlook... It's about keeping people motivated. '"

Conducting an opportunity audit

What new opportunities for productivity and innovation can we see?

"The leadership challenge is to support those working on the day-to-day, and get people to look at the medium and long term without looking like we're doing it too early."


Getting the system in the conversation

Scenario planning with representatives from all parts of our system, plus subject matter experts.

Identify metrics to assess which scenarios, or combination of scenarios, are emerging.

Debriefing the "work at home" experience

Gathering information about what people like and don’t like. Gathering real facts about productivity and colleague engagement to map trends.
"While we certainly have the important & urgent work of crisis management, we also have the important BAU (business as usual) work. For those of us involved in both, it's hard to shift between the two. And it's hard to have the energy for the BAU – we need to be doing more than just keeping the lights on. We do have important work that will still be needed when the crisis begins to resolve – how do we keep forward momentum on those things?"

Responding leaders would welcome ideas on the following:

How are you modeling the future?

What time frames are you considering in your scenarios?

How are you preparing for multiple scenarios when resources are constrained?


If you have insights, challenges or ideas you would like to bring to this community, we would love to hear from you.

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