About Conversant

We are a global community of dedicated professionals with a shared conviction: building human connection unleashes collective brilliance and powers sustained evolution. Our backgrounds include vast experience in human connectivity from design thinking and organizational psychology to systems engineering, criminal justice and hostage negotiation. Founded in 1991 by Mickey Connolly and Dr. Richard Rianoshek, we speak eight different languages and have worked in over 100 countries and 450 organizations around the world.

We are a practical, no-nonsense team, and we respect the magic that happens when all the right parts come together to unleash latent potential. Our approach relies on 30 years of experience and our range of tools, methods, concepts, and practices based on our understanding of how humans interact, and what they need to grow and evolve.

   The Conversations Are the Work

Our unique approach to improving performance and results is through conversation and human connection. Both are underutilized and under-attended assets in organizational life, yet we know they are critical leverage points for achieving results. At Conversant, we catalyze change through high-value conversation. Whether your challenge is in performance, strategy alignment, culture, leadership, collaboration, or beyond, the conversations are the work, and there is a design to conversations that produce meaningful, enduring results. 

  Practical & Accessible Learning

We won’t hand you decks of research and recommendations and then leave you to make sense of it all. All of our work is designed for the nature of being human. That means practical tools, methods, and approaches that cause profound and meaningful insight. Backed by neuroscience, psychology, and 30 years of experience in the world of organizational management and leadership, we make learning accessible and engaging so that our clients can quickly start accomplishing more of what matters with less time, money, and stress.  

  Custom, Iterative Design

Unlike most consultancies that deliver prescribed solutions to their clients, we work with you to design and implement the solution that will have the greatest impact. We start by listening deeply, and proceed with an iterative process that allows for agility and smart adjustments as we learn more about your challenge, your system, and your culture. This ability to provide a customized and responsive solution that fits your unique circumstances ensures meaningful change and a lasting impact (and a higher return on your investment). 

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We awaken the world to the power and joy of authentic human connection, setting a new standard for leadership that produces meaningful, enduring impact.


Our Promise

We are purposefully present to...


And we won't always get it "right." With compassion and forgiveness, we will learn and grow together.


Our Global Reach