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The Vitality Imperative

The ever-present challenge for leaders is how to get more done with less time, money and stress. The Vitality Imperative answers that question and gives leaders a reliable roadmap for how to create and sustain a humane and lasting approach to the thorniest of challenges and opportunities in a modern organization.

We promise you a fast-moving reading experience that features:

  • Self-evident principles to provoke new thought and action
  • Engaging examples of these principles in action
  • Personal and team practices to test the principles and cultivate personal and organizational effectiveness

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The Communication Catalyst

Speed is a double-edged sword that both scares and exhilarates business leaders in their efforts to get products to market faster, seize new opportunities before the competition, or increase productivity. But by doing the wrong things fast, waste is all that is accelerated and value is sacrificed. Historically, flawed human interactions have plagued most efforts to accelerate business success.

We promise you a fast-moving reading experience that features:

  • Why communication is the answer to the modern demand for speed
  • How effective conversations can accelerate any collaborative achievement
  • How effective conversations benefit such measurable areas as recruiting, retention, time-to-market, customer loyalty, and shareholder value.

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