Digital Methods

In an increasingly virtual and global world, most of our client engagements are supported by at least one digital solution. Whether it is building an online community platform where participants can share experiences, questions, and solutions with each other or utilizing our robust client portal that stores all files and tracks workshops and participation - we have a multitude of approaches we can use.

Client portal

Here, you’ll have access to everything you need to put our partnership into action in a simple, elegant and effective interface. Results from previous workshops and info for future initiatives, individual tasks, and more are all secure and easy to view and digest.

E-learning Modules

Our proprietary Foundations of Collaboration modules are easy to access, simple to digest, and allow pre- or post-workshop learning. Many of our clients use these modules long after our on-site work is complete.

Online Communities

We build unique client-based online communities and also streamline and manage existing platforms like Slack, Teams, and Skype. Increasing human connection through these digital platforms is a great way to support our face-to-face work.

Online Learning Platform

Using the Teachable platform, we have online open-access courses to share our proprietary tools at all levels. These courses are useful for reinforcing and refreshing knowledge as well as training dispersed teams across the world.
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