The Connected Leader:

Credibility, Influence, & Impact

Credibility, Influence, & Impact is an 8-month leadership development immersion that combines retreat-style conferences in nature with a regular cadence of peer group and 1:1 executive coaching. The program creates a unique learning environment for senior leaders who want to improve the value of their leadership, reduce stress, and increase results in their organization. 

Each conference guides participants through the principles of Connected Leadership and the design of authentic connection and conversation. Through powerful learning experiences and practical application to real-life leadership challenges, leaders are engaged to become more reliable for aligning people through purpose and coordinating contribution that makes a valuable impact. Throughout the program, you will increase your ability to: 

  • Build immediate credibility 
  • Influence others using your unique leadership assets
  • Create extraordinary impact and results in your business and your life
  • Lead others in your organization to build these same skills

Conference Dates & Descriptions

Foundations of Connected Leadership

April-May 2025 | Virtual Sessions

These virtual sessions introduce participants to the principles of Connected Leadership and high-performance conversation, including a Connected Leader 360 assessment. These tools will provide a foundation for all future learning throughout the conference.


April 30 | May 7 | May 14 

All three sessions will be scheduled for 10am-12pm MT

Credibility Conference

May 18-23, 2025 | The Colorado Chautauqua, Boulder, CO

5pm start on Sunday, closing by 10am Friday 

Our ability to influence people and events starts with the level of credibility we have. Building off the foundations introduced in the virtual sessions, we’ll focus on how to improve credibility by developing purposeful presence and developing authentic connections. We will practice focusing on purpose and fact rather than fear and difference, increasing trust and partnership.

Influence Conference

July 27-August 1, 2025 | Highland Haven Creekside Inn, Evergreen, CO

5pm start on Sunday, closing by 10am Friday 

This introspective and personal conference helps you find your source of unique influence and become more reliable for influencing purposefully and valuably, allowing you to generate meaningful results in any circumstance.

Impact Conference

October 5-10, 2025 | Vista Verde Ranch, Clark, CO

5pm start on Sunday, closing by 10am Friday

This conference will involve highly experiential exercises, including work with horses, cattle, and peers that will deliver lessons about connection and communication in a unique and powerful way. No prior riding experience is necessary.

Realizing organizational impact is an important tenant of CII, so tuition includes a credit for a Conversant consultant to facilitate a session with the participant and their team (or other equivalent organization engagement), making the program’s lessons even more practical, actionable, and impactful within the context of their day-to-day work.

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Peer Group Coaching

Guided by a Conversant coach, participants form small teams during the Credibility conference that will regularly meet virtually through the rest of the program. In these smaller communities, participants build trust and strong connections while deepening their understanding of the principles and supporting the integration of new skills and behaviors in their day-to-day lives.

1:1 Executive Coaching

Participants will regularly meet with their Conversant coach for one-on-one sessions throughout the program. Partnership with an individual coach gives added support in applying learnings to the immediate and practical challenges they face as leaders. Coaching will help sharpen their focus on the essential and unique contributions they have to make in their organization while becoming more reliable for showing up as a Connected Leader.

Consultant Engagement

As participants evolve their leadership, they will have the opportunity to bring their Conversant coach into their team and/or organization for a virtual session. This engagement credit allows for a more direct application of program principles to the leader’s organizational context and supports participants in causing a meaningful and enduring impact. This credit can also be applied towards a more extensive engagement with the organization. Timing and session design will be determined by the participant and their coach.


"Commitment is what turns a promise into reality." - Abraham Lincoln

We recognize that this program is an investment of both personal and organizational time and resources. Participants will be asked to commit to being fully present to all four conferences and peer and 1:1 coaching time, and to utilizing the consultant credit with their team. If you’re unable to make any of the dates listed, we would be happy to have you in a future program.

Tuition: $34,000

Includes all four conferences, peer group, and one-to-one coaching, and a credit for a Conversant consultant to facilitate a session with the participant's organization. Tuition does not include travel or lodging expenses.

*Price Comparison: Cost for a typical 6-month Executive Coaching package is $30,000-$50,000

Ask us about Early Bird pricing and discounts for multiple enrollments from the same organization.

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