Generating Real World Results

As a leader today, how do you get work done? If you're like most, the vast majority of your work happens in conversations. When you improve the power of your conversations and interactions, you change the impact of your leadership and get much more done than ever before - more results with less time, money, and stress.

Program Description

Credibility, Influence, and Impact is an 8-month leadership experience that creates a unique learning environment for senior leaders who want to improve the value of their leadership, reduce stress, and increase results in their organization. Throughout the program you will increase your ability to have conversations that:

  • Build immediate credibility
  • Influence others using your own distinct leadership assests
  • Create extraordinary impact and results in your business and your life
  • Lead others in your organization to build these same skills

3 Face to Face Conferences

Credibility Conference (one week)

Our ability to influence people and events starts with the level of credibility we have. During this first week, we'll focus on building credibility by improving the quality and timing of our conversations. We'll use lessons learned in a highly experiential setting to demonstrate the power of our connection.

Influence Conference (one week)

This introspective and personal second conference helps you find your source of unique influence and generate results in any circumstance.

Impact Summit (2 days)

These two days you will explore and share the impact you have one the challenges and opportunities you face Learn how to have more impact with less time, money and stress. This final event will integrate all of the learning to ensure sustainable long-term impact for you.

Group and One to One Coaching

We use cohort group (peer-to-peer) and individual coaching with a professional Conversant coach to help you deepen your understanding of the principles and discover immediate and important application. These new insights and applications will help you drive dramatically improved business value and personal satisfaction.

Business Specific Project Focus

Applying the skills you are learning in a direct, immediate, and relevant way is crucial to making an extraordinary impact. We ask you to identify a real-world project or business challenge from your professional life to work on throughout the eight months.

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