Best Practices for Working Virtually

How can we prioritize human connection in a virtual setting?

Work happens through our conversations and relationships. When we meet in person, we talk, connect, work through projects and challenges together, strengthen our relationships, share ideas, have insights, and coordinate our follow-up actions.

It can feel like all of this isn’t possible when we meet virtually.

However, with a little creativity, we can accomplish this same work in virtual meetings—if we design them for human connection.  

Create an environment that supports human connection

In our Best Practices guide, you will find tips and insights on:

  • Creating the Right Conditions to Catalyze Connection
  • Virtual Meeting Design
  • Developing a set of Community Commitments
  • Four Methods of Working Together Virtually
  • Getting Your Business or Team Started With Video
  • Features to Consider in a Video Platform 

Download our Best Practices for Working Virtually resource to learn more.

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Best Practices for Working Virtually