Calling All CII Graduates

Join our second Master Class May 4 - 9, 2020. This program is open only to CII graduates and will be held at the spectacular environs of a new venue: the C Lazy U Ranch. Reinvigorate the connection to the applied learnings and principles from the Credibility, Influence and Impact Program.

Here are the results you can expect:

  • A new understanding of your leadership role and impact in the current season of your life
  • Creation of an inspired action plan to improve your leadership and that of your team
  • An improved capacity to connect, creating greater influence in the key areas of your life
  • A deepened knowledge of presence to create new behaviors in the face of stress and conflict
  • Increased ease, joy, and fulfillment

Dates and Cost

  • Monday, May 4 starting with dinner at 7pm through the celebration dinner on Friday, May 9
  • Multiple team member discount  = $7000
  • Standard registration rate  = $7500
  • C Lazy U Ranch lodging cost (paid on your own directly to C Lazy U) = $2500
  • Other travel related expenses on your own

Would you like more information?

We would love to schedule a short 15-minute call with you to discuss the program and benefits you can expect.

Ready to sign up?

Simply contact us or call the Boulder office at 303.541.9491

What Do Our Master Class Graduates Have to Say?

“The Master Class is the perfect way to reinforce and revitalize the CII experience.  With a smaller group and the CII foundation, I found the connections to the new material and the people formed faster and went deeper.  If you are at a turning point of any kind, I highly recommend this experience.  Plus Jim and Richard were in rare form as they rolled out this new material to old friends!”  - Laura Huffman, The Nature Conservancy

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Join the Master Class