Love & Leadership

We have long found profound lessons about leadership through experiences with horses. In relaunching our Credibility, Influence, and Impact program this year, we found new partners for the horsemanship experience at Vista Verde Ranch in Clark, CO. Their devotion to their work and to the horses was an inspiring reminder for us about love’s place in leadership.

When Preacher (pictured) first came to Vista Verde, he was untrusting of humans and his new surroundings. Like all of us, he had a story and a past, including experiences with humans that led him to be hesitant and guarded. It took a great deal of time and space, but through patience and empathy, he and his human partners have developed a beautiful friendship, a tremendous bond of trust, and a renewed joy in connection. His “ranch love” is Mandy, a wrangler and leader we are grateful to know. Mandy captured this sweet moment of Preacher and her daughter, a picture of what’s possible when we lead with love.

May we all give and be given the gifts of wonder, grace, and love – this season and always.

Love & Leadership on On Connection

Talking about love in the context of leadership, organizational development, and strategy execution is not common, but we’ve decided it’s a worthy area of research. We have found that it is a uniquely human superpower, in a time when the human side of work is increasingly a strategic focus for business success.

How would your approach to leadership change if you led with love? What experiences have you had at work, with leaders and peers throughout your career, that were acts of care for your development and you as a human being? How did those experiences impact your growth and your relationship with work? Robin Anselmi and Michelle Wonsley join Emma Rose for this conversation – the first of a renewed exploration we’ll be sharing with you over the year to come.

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Looking Forward

We had a great time relaunching The Connected Leader: Credibility, Influence, & Impact this year. As our only open-enrollment program (and a big labor of love), we are grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with so many of you in that space and look forward to welcoming the next cohort for our 2023 session in May.

If you're interested in enrollment or have someone in mind you think would be a great addition to the program, let us know and we'll set up a time to talk further.