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Our live series has ended, but stay tuned for future offerings! In the meantime, explore our full library of all the recorded sessions from this series through the link above.

We are what we practice.

Join us in a memorable initiation into the never-ending exploration into presence as a foundational element of a less reactive, more powerful and more joyful life.

We will meet as a community three times a week to establish the practice of presence as a reliable, calming resource for increasing possibilities and our authentic contributions.

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As a result of this regular practice, you will be better supported to:

    • Move from reactivity and fear to purposeful action
    • Get more done with less time, money and stress
    • Increase resilience, possibility and calm
    • Embrace fear as an ally of love
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Meet us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting Wednesday, April 8th and running through May 1st. Each session will begin at 12pm Eastern and last for 15 minutes.

Weekly Themes:

    • Week 1: Noticing my reactivity, creating more choices for action 
    • Week 2: Managing my mood, establishing equanimity
    • Week 3: Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable
    • Week 4: Declaring my source of connection and trust
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Explore our Library of Presence Practices


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