Kell Delaney

Global Partner, Senior Consultant & Experience Designer

Kell Delaney has a boundless curiosity and playfulness that he brings into all areas of his life—work, relationships, hobbies, and his partnerships with his clients.

As a Consultant & Experience Designer working for Conversant, LLC and based out of Boulder, Colorado, Kell’s primary focus is on bringing his curiosity and playfulness to working with individuals, groups, teams, communities, and organizations (human beings) to build connection: through relationship, conversation, curiosity, play, and empathy. He strongly believes that everything we do happens through human connection (good or bad!) and that the opportunity to affect lives, communities, and the world is grounded in improving the quality of these connections.

Kell also has a particular fascination with how technology is shaping how we work. He leads the charge on everything having to do with the adoption of technology in the workplace for Conversant clients and is most focused on keeping the “human” and our relationships front and center in this new world. He is widely read, experienced, and constantly exploring the cutting edge of learning, collaboration, and how people do their best work in the modern workplace.

Kell holds an MA in Communication from the University of Colorado Boulder and it was in this program where he developed a fascination with the gap between what we aspire to be and who we are in our day to day. From the surprising conversations that emerge from a World Cafe to the transformative insights revealed during a complex collaboration project, it is experiences like these that reveal our “gaps” to us. With the right perspective, focusing on closing those gaps can be a playful and profound way to grow, learn, and transform our contribution.

In his free time, Kell loves experiences that help him to play even more–by escaping into the mountains of Colorado with friends to ski, hike, or to enjoy the challenge of his most recent obsession–mountain biking.



Industry Experience

  • Environment & Energy
  • Finance & Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit & Government
  • Technology/Science/Engineering


  • Blended Learning & Digital Innovation
  • Complex Systems
  • Culture Transformation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategy