Peter Meier


Peter works with the human being in a professional context. As an executive/team coach and HR consultant he follows his vision: a world that is aware. He helps his clients shed light on their blind spots and discover the answers to their questions to make informed decisions. The phrase “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate“ by C.G. Jung reflects what drives Peter in his daily work.

Since studying psychology at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, Peter has been interested in people in their professional surroundings. In the first chapter of his career, he worked as an HR manager in a Fortune 500 company in the financial services industry. In 2013, after his MBA, Peter started his own HR consulting company focusing on coaching services. He is an active Professional Certified Coach member of the International Coaching Federation.
From his Sao Paulo-based office, Peter attends to clients from all over the world in English, German, and Portuguese.

When not in his office, Peter can be found with his wife on the streets of Sao Paulo, either doing his jogging exercises, walking his dog, at home on his couch reading a good book and listening to his favorite music, or enjoying the sun and sea on the Brazilian beaches.



Industry Experience

  • Agri-business
  • Environment & Energy
  • Education
  • Finance & Banking
  • Human Resource Leadership
  • Nonprofit & Government
  • Technology/Science/Engineering
  • Sales Leadership & Coaching


  • Assessment & Psychometric Testing
  • Culture Transformation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Motivation & Engagement
  • Professional Learning & Leadership Development
  • Strategy
  • Talent Management Strategy