January 28, 2021 | 12-12:30pm ET | 9-9:30am PT

Make Common Sense Common Again

with Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom, author and globally recognized expert in the domains of brand, consumer behavior and culture transformation, joins Mickey Connolly for a candid conversation about something companies everywhere sorely need: common sense.

Martin wrote his new book, The Ministry of Common Sense, for companies around the world who have "become so entangled in their own internal issues, and further beset by reams of invisible red tape, that they’ve lost sight of their core purpose." Martin and Mickey will share why empathy and human connection are the key to creating workplaces with less stress, frustration and inefficiency, and more plain old common sense.

About Martin


Martin Lindstrom is the founder and chairman of Lindstrom Company, the world’s leading brand & culture transformation group, operating across five continents and more than 30 countries. TIME Magazine has named Lindstrom one of the “World’s 100 Most Influential People." And for three years running, Thinkers50, the world’s premier ranking resource of business icons, has selected Lindstrom to be among the world’s top 50 business thinkers. Lindstrom is a high profile speaker and author of 7 New York Times best-selling books, translated into 60 languages. His book Brand Sense was critically acclaimed by The Wall Street Journal as “one of the five best marketing books ever published”, Small Data was praised as “revolutionary” and TIME Magazine wrote this about Buyology: “a breakthrough in branding”.

You can learn more about Martin and Lindstrom Company at martinlindstrom.com

The Ministry of Common Sense


"The Ministry of Common Sense shows you how to restore common sense, and enjoy the benefits that come with it! (and we mean real company benefits). What you’re about to read isn’t just sporadic ideas but solutions tried and tested among hundreds of businesses over the past decade. And shown to work.

And yes – there are indeed real Ministries – set up within companies – with the sole purpose of vacuum cleaning all the useless rules, regulations and day-to-day trivialities we all can live without. The more organizations scale and get stale, the more employees become victims of standardized rules, procedures and old habits that have never been questioned for logic.

Once we’ve learned to become corporate, we suppress our instinctual empathy and ignore what we know about right vs. wrong and smart vs. foolish. We forget how we’d feel in a customer’s shoes if a bank froze our accounts, if a telecom company sent a nasty letter, or if a call-centre transferred us five times. Before long, most of us become not only numb, but complicit in crimes of corporate nonsense, even when they lead to frustrated customers, poor morale, lost revenue, and stifled innovation.

What has happened to common sense? And how can we get it back? Companies, it seems, have become so entangled in their own internal issues, and further beset by reams of invisible red tape, that they’ve lost sight of their core purpose. Inevitably, they pay the price."

The Ministry of Common Sense is out January 19th. You can learn more and pre-order the book here


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