May 8th, 2023 | 12:00 - 1:30pm ET

Love and Leadership

with Michelle Wonsley and Robin Anselmi

The relationship between love and leadership can be complex, but leaders who demonstrate love and care for their employees tend to build and sustain cultures where well-being and creativity are held alongside productivity. Demonstrating empathy, compassion, and respect increases engagement, trust, collaboration, and ultimately a sense of belonging. This sounds easier than it is. Fear of being perceived as weak, pressure to focus on performance, lack of effective models, and/or personal beliefs can all prevent managers from leading with love in organizations.

Love isn’t leniency and fairness, firmness and consistency are what communicate love as much as anything else. They provide an organization with the guidance it needs to help all employees succeed. But changing culture takes time and purposeful work. We believe that conversations are the work. Let’s start one about love and leadership together.

Join us on May 8th for a 90-minute conversation about Love & Leadership. Everyone is welcome, as we will be in an exploratory discussion designed to generate new learning and build a community of people interested in the role love plays in leadership. You will be encouraged to bring your voice, share your stories, ask questions, and offer insights - this is a conversation, not a presentation!

About Michelle Wonsley

Michelle's work has focused on critical analysis of people, organizations, systems theory, and competency-based behavior change.

Her 20+ year career has been focused in the consulting, education and non-profit management sectors where she has held executive leadership positions at both local and national non-profits.

Most recently, she served as the Executive Director for the Center for Racial Justice in Education (CRJE), a non-profit supporting educators, parents and other leaders in dismantling systems of racism in their institutions. 

You can read more about Michelle Wonsley here.

About Robin Anselmi  

Robin has a love of design that began with her early career in engineering, manufacturing, and financial services. She brings her practicality and process orientation to finding collaborative solutions with our clients.

Robin loves helping individuals and organizations turn their strategies into stories that motivate and engage a workforce. She is passionate about helping leaders to close the gap between where they currently are and their best intentions.

Robin is dedicated to changing the notion that communication and collaboration are 'soft skills.' She is a strong advocate for connection (even love!) as the most powerful skill of leaders who want to see real and long-lasting business results. (You can see her talk about "Love: The Next Leadership Skill" in this 5-minute video.)

You can find out more about Robin Anselmi here.


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Join us on May 8th