Bill Keeler

Director of Business Development

Bill is passionate about what’s possible when people come together for the purpose of exchanging value. So he chose a path in Sales, Sales Leadership, and Sales System Development to help companies and their business developers get into that intersection with their best clients for the purpose of creating the highest value for both. His work starts with his unique perspective regarding sales and business development: there is no such thing as “selling,” there is only buying.

Bill believes one of the biggest challenges facing business today is the need to connect with buyers in ways that inspire…ways that are authentic to the business, powerful for the client, and reveal the true and meaningful distinction the business offers. This connection is in the conversation, and the ability to listen deeply for what clients desire and need, fitting perfectly with Conversant’s values, principles, and point of view.

In addition to his over 20 years in business development, Bill spent a number of years as a business coach helping leaders and companies grow and excel. Bill’s other deep passion? Music! Whenever he can, you’ll find him playing guitar, at home or on a stage with a band, in his hometown of Richmond, VA. He also enjoys traveling, and tastings of fine wine, great food, and well-aged bourbon with his wife and friends.



Industry Experience

  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Sales Leadership & Coaching


  • Customer Experience
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategy
  • Business and Sales Coaching
  • Sales System Development