Brianna Finkle

Senior Project Manager

Brianna has been a project manager for many years, with experience ranging from retail display production with Nike and Adidas to managing creative campaigns for Alaska Airlines and Amazon. With a background in art and design, Brianna loves finding creative ways to solve problems and always looks for opportunities to improve complex systems to benefit all stakeholders.

Brianna thinks some of the biggest challenges organizations face today include fostering empathic connected leaders while being able to adapt quickly. The work landscape is changing on fronts such as technology, sustainability, and meaningful DEIJB conversations, and companies need to be open and agile in order to thrive.

She was first introduced to Conversant while supporting the Credibility, Influence & Impact program as a wrangler at The Home Ranch in Steamboat Springs, CO. As a lifelong equestrian, she was extremely moved by the power of using horses in helping facilitate leadership development. She has always reflected on those weeks as being extremely impactful and has stayed in touch with the Conversant team ever since.

From an early age Brianna had a strong interest in the outdoors and leadership. From hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, to backpacking and canoeing in the Brooks Range of Alaska with the National Outdoor Leadership School, she finds being outside can help foster relationships with ourselves and others. Brianna has worked on ranches across the American west and specifically loved the connection between horse training and connected leadership.



Industry Experience

  • Retail & Hospitality


  • Motivation & Engagement
  • Fine Arts & Design