Guy Connolly

Project Manager

Guy Connolly brings his love of the arts to the everyday experience of being human, finding beauty, tragedy, and fascination in even the smallest things. He sees stories and conversation as the pillars on which humanity is built, and as a Project Manager, works to support the right conversations and stories at the right time.

As a novelist and musician, he brings creativity and a love of collaboration into the workplace. His background in music production and sound reinforcement has informed a deep love of technology that connects people to one another. His years of work in hospitality and service have instilled a strong appreciation of people’s complex lives, their everyday circumstances, and the anxieties that are universal to us all.

When he isn’t dedicating time to supporting others at Conversant, you’ll find him entrenched in other worlds—of his own creation as often as of others’.



Industry Experience

  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Music & Entertainment


  • Customer Experience
  • Project Management
  • Language & Literature