Ryo Penna


Ryo discovered he was a facilitator when he was 9 years old. Since then, he understood his life’s mission to unite people around stories and ideas to generate collective healing. He loves creating narratives, projects, and experiences that support companies in awakening deep transformation on a broad scale.

Ryo is a combination of entrepreneur and practical philosopher, especially fond of Socrates and Rumi. He is dedicated to helping companies into ‘breaking good’ along with financial prosperity. He believes that anybody in this world can be a buddha-driving-a-Mercedes and works to make spirituality a regular subject in companies. As challenging as it may sound, he works for making love, compassion, and empathy skills that are core to any kind of business. He likes to design good questions as a powerful tool of transformation. You can see his TEDx Talk about “The Wisdom of Questions” (English subtitles).

Ryo has worked with corporations such as Unilever, DHL, and Motorola as well as billion-dollar worth startups and Amazon Rainforest communities. He loves to facilitate conversations between business leaders for the sake of learning, connecting and activating purpose, which he has done in countries like Brazil, USA, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland. He co-founded and served as CEO of Grupo Anga&Din4mo, a holding of remote and self-managed companies that vary from consultancies to investing firms. He has spent most of his time working as CEO of Tribo, a consulting firm for organizational culture and conscious leadership. Grupo Anga&Din4mo is also the official publisher of MIT Sloan Review Brazil. Ryo also serves as advisor at Brasil Júnior (Brazil’s biggest university entrepreneurs network, where he also served as president back in college, leading more than 20k students) and Conscious Capitalism Brazil.

Ryo is an authentic Brazilian and Latin American citizen and go-getter. His favorite quote is by Rumi – “I am not a drop in the ocean. I am the whole ocean in a drop”.
When he is not working, you’ll find him with his family and friends to discover new music, cocktails, traveling, and cheering for Flamengo at soccer games.



Industry Experience

  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Environment & Energy
  • Education
  • Finance & Banking
  • Human Resource Leadership
  • Nonprofit & Government
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Technology/Science/Engineering
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sales Leadership & Coaching


  • Complex Systems
  • Culture Transformation
  • Motivation & Engagement
  • Professional Learning & Leadership Development
  • Strategy