Patrick Kennedy


Patrick loves to bring people together. He has an earnest desire to set occasions for “a-ha!” moments through open, honest and clear conversations.  He believes that anyone can learn the habits to live a full life and that all it takes is practice.

With a background in motivational psychology, Patrick has helped as both a player and coach for groups ranging from seed-stage startups to global corporations.  He has spent time in finance, real estate and technology sectors assisting senior leadership on how to collaborate effectively and design a system to get more with less time, money and stress.

In an age of technology proliferation where solutions are built-in search of problems, Patrick brings a robust background to focus on root causes of a system‘s lack of alignment. His fundamental belief is setting a culture of authenticity and understanding a common human purpose are key to any organization’s lasting success.

Patrick has an MA in Experimental Psychology from Columbia University, an MS in Technology Commercialization from McCombs School of Business at UT Austin and both a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Psychology from Texas Christian University.

In his spare time, you’ll find Patrick spending time with his family of four, writing screenplays or taking a drive in the hill country surrounding Austin, Texas.



Industry Experience

  • Finance & Banking
  • Technology/Science/Engineering


  • Culture Transformation
  • Customer Experience
  • Executive Coaching
  • Professional Learning & Leadership Development
  • Strategy