Our short video series on topics we know are important to our clients and larger community. Every few weeks we share our perspectives and resources for successfully leading through times of challenge, uncertainty and change. 


The Connection Diaries


Ep. 1: How do we stay connected when we're physically apart?

All over the news are reports on the need for social distancing, and many of our clients have sent their employees to work from home. In times like these where we must be physically separated, what is important for leaders to know about remaining connected?

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Ep. 2: Our big meeting has been cancelled - now what?

We’ve been having this conversation with many of our clients over the past few weeks, and it has been helpful to acknowledge that a meeting is simply one method for accomplishing targeted results that are aligned with a purpose. While circumstances may have changed, it’s possible that there is still a way to accomplish what the meeting was meant to.

If you are facing this same issue, there are two primary questions we suggest you consider. 

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Ep. 3: The first act of leadership is presence

Presence, which we define as awareness without prejudice, sounds simple but in today’s world of constant distractions and high-speed action it can prove to be one of the most challenging aspects of leadership. In our current COVID-19 environment, where we can’t physically be present and uncertainty and fear are pervasive, practicing purposeful presence is even more critical.

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Ep. 4: Empathy - it's not soft, it's crucial

Empathy builds trust, brings people together, increases joy and improves results. It’s the job of a leader to bring people together to achieve things they cannot on their own. If we deeply understand one another (the result of empathy), we build trust, resolve differences more easily and produce better results with less time, money, and stress.

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Ep. 5: Let Purpose be the boss

Purpose is the mutual resolve of a community. When we all align around what matters and what we’re here for, we free up individuals to more confidently make decisions, share what they are learning, and be agile in taking timely opportunities for new action. The greater our alignment, the thinner the rulebook and the faster people can move independently and contribute.

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Ep. 6: Authenticity - true leadership

Authenticity is being true to yourself, to others and to the circumstances that you occupy. We often find that people relate to authenticity as being true to self, but that leaves out an important part of the equation. When it comes to leadership communication, if we only place importance on being true to ourselves then we miss an opportunity to connect with those we lead. 

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Ep. 7: Wonder - keeping our best day in front of us

Wonder is the fifth leadership promise in The Vitality Imperative and a particularly relevant principle to explore given the challenges we face today. When we allow ourselves curiosity and possibility in the face of a problem, we free ourselves from imaginary limits and inspire fresh thinking. 

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Ep. 8: What is it time for now?

In a given moment we can always do something, but we cannot do everything. The better our actions fit the moment, the more results we produce per unit of time, money, and stress. 

In this video, Conversant colleagues Bill Boyar and Robin Anselmi give their thoughts on how attention to timing can guide leaders and organizations through periods of stress and unpredictability.

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Ep. 9: Designing for Surprising Results

When people produce valuable results beyond their own expectations, there is widespread, energizing delight. If those cycles are short, valuable, and repetitive, great performance improves exponentially.

In this episode, Mickey Connolly and Robin Anselmi share the four things that are most critical in the design of Surprising Results.

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Ep. 11: Connected Leadership - What is it & why does it matter now?

Mickey Connolly and Robin Anselmi define and discuss Connected Leadership – a foundational element of Conversant’s approach to leadership, organizational effectiveness and employee engagement. 

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Ep. 12: How do we address mental health & well-being at work?

Evelyn Jonkman and Emma Rose Connolly joined Robin Anselmi to share how mental health & well-being relate to the quality of connection and conversation in our organizations, hypothesizing that the principles for fostering workplace vitality are the same ones that impact our individual and collective health.

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Ep. 13: Connection is the Antidote to Burnout

Robin AnselmiEvelyn Jonkman and Emma Rose Connolly share a few practical ideas for how to lean in, reconnect and prevent burnout on your teams

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Ep. 14: Community vs. Independence – is it really a choice?

In this episode, Mickey Connolly and Anne Murray Allen share why they believe these two things aren’t actually mutually exclusive. Instead, they argue that our perceived value as an individual (and our well-being) is inextricably linked to our sense of belonging and our ability to contribute in ways we find meaningful and energizing. 

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What's Happened to Common Sense? with Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom, author and globally recognized expert in the domains of brand, consumer behavior and culture transformation, joins Mickey Connolly to share why organizations are in desperate need of a return to common sense.

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Inventing the Future

To wrap up 2020 we hosted a virtual gathering on the leadership lessons from the year. One theme we shared was that leaders are the “meaning-makers” of their organizations and those leaders have a choice about being the storyteller or the story told. As you begin a new year, one we know is critical for many of you, we invite you to be the storyteller of how this next chapter goes for you and your teams, starting with a practical first step.

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Love Belongs at Work, with Michele Hunt

A few years back Robin talked about Love as “the most human of resources.” Love is a normal, natural, empowering human emotion and yet we don’t talk about it at work. Why is it so hard? Michele Hunt, author, strategic advisor, and founder of DreamMakers, joins Robin Anselmi to talk about #LOVE.

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Smart & Wrong: How Leaders Create Chaos

Despite their good intentions, leaders often create more chaos when responding to complex challenges. More often than not, the pressure to rush into action and be the hero with the answer produces the wrong result. In this episode, Mickey and Kell share what leaders should keep in mind when facing complex issues, including a simple equation for producing meaningful, enduring results

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Rethinking Accountability

We often hear from clients that they want to increase accountability in their organizations in order to ensure high performance. We’ve recently been wondering, what does accountability really mean? In what contexts? Is it always what a challenge needs to guarantee success? Emma Rose and Kell share what they’ve learned from reflecting on the meaning and purpose of “accountability” in organizations today.

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